Despite suffering two brain aneurysms last months that have left her brain dead, 26-year-old Christine Bolden recently gave birth to twin boys. The twins, Alexander and Nicholas, were severely premature and delivered by C-section. Both are only about six inches long; Nicholas weighs 1 lb and 9 oz, and Alexander weighs just 1 lb and 4 oz.

Back on March 6, Bolden was exiting a building in Grand Rapids, Mich,. with her boyfriend and 3-year-old son when she was felt an intense pain in her head and collapsed. Her family prayed that the babies would survive, despite Bolden’s condition.

Once her blood pressure became too high, the twins had to be removed. The Bolden family has since set up an account at 5/3 Bank under her name for anyone interested in helping the family.

This is nothing short of a miracle.

[via The Huffington Post]

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