Jemima Kirke

Who she is in real life: Kirke’s own personal biography could be written for both of the socialites she’s professionally portrayed, Jessa in Girls and and Charlotte in Tiny Furniture. The London-born daughter of Bad Company drummer, Simon Kirke, and interior designer Lorraine Kirke grew up in Manhattan (specifically Greenwich Village, for trivia-obsessed folk), where she attended high school with Lena Dunham.

But don’t lump Kirke in with the group of “The Ones to Watch in Hollywood.” Kirke has mentioned several times that acting isn’t her career. The 27-year-old, who’s now married to a real estate developer and a mother to baby daughter Rafaella, is an artist before she is an actress. Although the reluctant star maintains that she isn’t opposed to an exciting role if it happens to come up, she doesn’t actively seek any.