There have been countless imitators, but now the original post-apocalyptic RPG is back: Wasteland 2 is coming out Fall 2013, and it's all thanks to you.

After Double Fine's Kickstarter success, it was only a matter of time before more major victories  took place on the fundraising platform. Developers inXile set up the project page for Wasteland 2 only two days ago, and they're already well past their original goal of $900,000 (the most money anyone's ever asked for on Kickstarter, according to them).

The top reward—for a $10,000 contribution—includes every previous reward (the game, figurine, name in the game, etc.) plus an in-game shrine, a private party with the inXile staff and 50 copies of the game.

As an aside, the CEO of Razer (the PC hardware company, not the phone or the scooter) is one of the $10,000 backers. He tweeted, "And I'm sorry for playing on a pirated copy of Wasteland years ago, I hope this makes up for it."

The project is currently at just under $1.1 million, and they'll be adding Linux and OSX support if it hits $1.5 million. With 32 days to go, we're guessing that won't be too much trouble. Did you ever think you'd see a sequel to Wasteland? Did you back this project? How much did you give them? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.