By now it's a given that most people who spend a lot of time on the Internet don't use Internet Explorer. For many (though not most, it's still used on more PCs than any other browser), IE was long ago outpaced by less cluttered, more forward-thinking alternatives like FireFox and Chrome. But now Microsoft wants those users who ditched the browser to give it another chance.

"I've changed, baby, I swear!" Microsoft says. "Why haven't you been answering my calls? Hello?"

That's the gist of a new ad campaign the company launched recently called "The Browser You Loved To Hate." In what can only be described as pulling a full-Domino's, Microsoft is admitting that previous versions of Internet Explorer were pretty shitty, but pointing out that the latest version of the browser, IE9, is "actually good." (That's an actual description from the campaign.)

In the commercial posted above, a be-spectacled hipsterish guy gets over his habit of telling people not to use Internet Explorer (guilty!) because IE9 has come a long way from IE6, and his black lady therapist, who seems stern but probably has a soft spot underneath the tough facade, which is just a defense mechanism in the first place, has been talking some sense into him.

In the end, he brings out a cat in a police uniform because people on the Internet love cats, we guess? That's still a thing, isn't it? Point is: they're trying, here, people!

To be honest, we haven't spent a lot of time with IE9, but from what he hear, it really is actually good! So what gives, Internet users? Why won't you give Internet Explorer a second chance? BROWSERS CHANGE. Rihanna took back Chris Brown, didn't she?

Maybe that's not the best analogy.

[via Business Insider]