25. John Dies At The End, by David Wong (2007)

Recently, and admirably, adapted by legendary horror filmmaker Don Coscarelli (Phantasm, Bubba Ho-Tep), John Dies At The End is one of those books that, no disrespect to Mr. Coscarelli, should remain on the page. David Wong’s freakishly inventive monsters, alternate universes, and perverted humor can’t truly be served by special effects.

At first, Wong (the pen name for online humorist Jason Pargin) published various short stories about the absurd exploits of main characters David and John, two college dropouts turned overmatched paranormal hunters. Riding mentally high on a brain-scrambling drug called “Soy Sauce,” the guys do battle with giant meat monsters (yes, uncooked hamburgers and other frozen beef), penis doorknobs, talking dogs, and demonic wiggers.

Though it may not be the scariest book on this list, John Dies At The End is certainly the funniest, not to mention one of the most creative.