With tomorrow's long-awaited theatrical premiere of The Hunger Games finally upon us (though, the most hardcore of fans will get first peeks at the post-apocalyptic battle royale tonight at midnight), it's become more impossible than ever to walk down the street without being assaulted by posters, loud conversations between squealing fans, or actual pedestrians with their noses buried in one of author Suzanne Collins' chart-topping books.

And those doing the unintentional crashing aren't necessarily teenagers, as you might expect—The New York Times best-selling young adult novel has been captivating grown-ass men and women all the same. Many of whom we've personally witnessed flocking to the Hunger tables at Barnes & Noble like fiends.

On the marketing side, generating just as much excitement about the flick as Lionsgate's own promotional team are the many meme-smithing fans on the Internet. The crafty web heads have created graphics and GIFs featuring the movie's stars spouting bits of "Tribute" wisdom, and other inside jokes have become the latest viral craze.

Whether you're a die-hard fan or you've yet to open one of Collins' books, we've decided to hook you up with a handful of our favorites. Allow us to present The 10 Best Hunger Games Memes.

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