For years, Microsoft Word was the very definition of an industry standard: the first and only name in word processing. But as the focus of computing began to shift online, Microsoft missed the boat—failing to provide a version of its software that allowed users to access, edit, and share their documents from the cloud. Google Docs now has a firm grip on that market, but last year Microsoft finally got its head in the game with an impressive offering of its own., unveiled in the spring of 2010, is an online hub that allows anyone to use the most popular Office programs (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) as full-featured web apps. The site was built in partnership with Facebook, and the social network's sharing features are fully integrated with the apps—allowing you to collaborate on projects with members of a group, or post a spreadsheet to a colleague's Facebook wall. is still technically in beta, but the service just hasn't been able to catch on. If only it had come along two years earlier.