6. The Cat In The Hat (1957)

Author: Dr. Seuss

There’s no other way to say it: The Cat, he of Dr. Seuess’ Cat In The Hat fame, is an emotional terrorist. How else would you describe a freaky looking, overgrown feline that shows up unannounced—along with his two no-good accomplices, Thing One and Thing Two—and makes the lives of a young brother/sister combo a living hell. Put yourself in the shoes of Sally and her younger narrating brother, who are forced to contend against what’s basically an evil monster in a huge top hat.

By the end of Doc Seuss’ story, the Cat makes amends by helping the kids clean up the house before their mothers returns home, but we know better: Kitties, by nature, aren’t to be trusted. If the Cat could easily get into their house, who’s to say that he won’t pull the old urban feline legend and kill the tykes by sucking their breath out while they’re sleeping? As Thing One chants, “One breath, two breaths, three breaths, four…”