Shake Shack unveiled their Jeremy Lin-inspired milkshake last week, and Ben & Jerry's jumped into the fray as well. Their "Taste The Lin-Sanity" flavor also premiered last week, complete with the requisite controversy. The chain was forced to alter the original batch sold at its Harvard Square location because "fortune cookie pieces" were an ingredient. Oops.

Ryan Midden, Ben & Jerry's general manager for Boston and Cambridge, acknowledged the initial backlash but insists it was accidental. However, in the wake of ESPN's "chink in the armor" failure, everyone's been forced to pump their brakes.

The pieces of fortune cookie have been replaced with waffle cookies, which Midden claims was because the fortune cookies were getting "soggy," but everyone knows the real deal. Just think before you put a product out there, that's all.

[via Gothamist]

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