The headline writer who was fired from ESPN after his infamous "Chink in the Armor" posting is now speaking out. Since losing his job, Anthony Federico had a lot to get off his chest and took to Twitter to do so. In his lengthy apology he explains that he never had any intentions of hurting Jeremy Lin or members of the Asian community when writing the headline and says it was simply a "lapse in judgement."

That seemingly would be enough but then Federico went on to dedicate the bulk of his apology to pointing out all the good deeds he's done over the years. The laundry list, which if true, would mean he was definitely on his Mother Teresa steez when ESPN let him go. Here's an excerpt in which Federico explains the side he wishes the public new about:

"They would see that on the day of the incident I got a call from a friend – who happens to be homeless – and rushed to his aid. He was collapsed on the side of the road due to exposure and hunger. They would see how I picked him up and got him a hotel room and fed him. They would see I used my vacation time last year to volunteer in the orphanages of Haiti. They would see how I ‘adopted’ an elderly Alzheimer’s patient and visited him every week for a year. They would see that every winter I organize a coat drive for those less fortunate in New Haven. They would see how I raised $10,000 for a friend in need when his kids were born four months premature. They would see how I have worked in soup kitchens and convalescent homes since I was a kid."

After all of that, he then went onto say that those acts were "not done for his glory, but for God's." Salute to dude if he is really doing all of that but if it's not for your glory, or in this case an effort at redemption, then why mention all of this in such detail? #justsayin' #keepit100

[via New York Magazine]

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