Best: Season Two

In its second season, the series found itself and delivered 22 episodes of a near perfect blend of comedy, action, and romance.

For a good laugh enjoy "Chuck vs. the Seduction," and watch John Laroquette teach Chuck how to woo enemy spy Melinda Clarke. Marvel at the meta brilliance of "Chuck vs. Santa Claus," which features Reginald VelJohnson reprising his Die Hard role as Sgt. Al Powell. Guest star Jordana Brewster twisted the Chuck-Sarah dynamic into a triangle, the mythology deepened with the addition of Scott Bakula as Chuck's absentee (for a good reason) dad, and Chevy Chase was excellent as season villain Ted Roarke. Did we mention it had great action?

If the show had been cancelled after season one it would've been a shame, but after season two it would've been a crime.