Network: NBC
Stars: Debra Messing, Katharine McPhee, Christian Borle, Raza Jaffrey, Anjelica Huston, Jack Davenport, Brian D’Arcy James
Premiere Date: February 6
Why we’re excited: We know what’s going through your mind right now: “Just what we need, another show about singing and dancing youngsters that I can’t admit to watching around my male friends.” Yes, NBC’s Glee knockoff Smash does present that dilemma, but, hey, since when do you have to tell your boys about everything you do in the privacy of your own home? It’s not like they know about that Robyn mp3 with 500-plus plays on your iTunes, or that copy of Stephanie Meyer’s Breaking Down on the bookshelf.

There’s always room for a feel-good show in one’s DVR bank, and that’s precisely what Smash has the capability of becoming. Centered around a group of theater-obsessed pretty faces putting on a musical about Marilyn Monroe, the Peacock network’s perky new dramedy is heading into its early February premiere with some of the strongest buzz of the new year, so for that alone it’s worth checking out the pilot at least, no? So says the website that once justified its then-love for Glee.