Per “Guy Code,” there are certain things a man can’t publicly admit to liking, unless he enjoys being endlessly ridiculed. Ranking high on the list of such keep-it-to-yourself guilty pleasures: Lady Gaga’s music (What? Her beats are hardbody!), Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight book series (see: vegetarian vampires), and figure skating (no comment). Hands down, though, the most un-fuckwitable of all is FOX’s dominant hit show Glee, a weekly blend of flamboyant musical segments and extremely perky storytelling. But here’s the thing: We like Glee (*ducks potentially harmful flying objects*). While we wouldn’t call ourselves "Gleeks," the pop culture phenomenon definitely occupies DVR space, and consistently entertains us. So, naturally, we’re looking forward to this Sunday’s midseason premiere, a Michael Jackson’s Thriller-inspired extravaganza set to air immediately after Super Bowl XLV. Assuming you’re still on board with us, haters, here are 10 reasons why it’s OK to like Glee, to (hopefully) convince you all to join us on the dark side.