Network: AMC
Stars: To be determined
Premiere Date: February 12
Why we’re excited: It’s not easy being a Kevin Smith apologist these days. Once regarded as a heavyweight (pun intended) within the independent, potty-mouthed comedy realm, the grungy filmmaker hasn’t been on top of his game lately—shit, dude hasn’t even been on the side of it. The disappointing Seth Rogen flick Zack And Miri Make A Porno. The abysmal, soulless buddy cop flop Cop Out. Last year’s overhyped and overzealously written wannabe-horror film Red State—it’s hard out there for a hockey-jersey-wearing maverick.

Chances are, Smith won’t readily admit to all of his recent missteps, but at least he’s going back to his nerdy, everyman roots for his latest offering. Set to air on AMC (as the first of the drama-heavy network’s reality show mingling), Comic Men harkens back to Smith’s Clerks M.O.: showing average Joes shooting the shit and earning meager paychecks inside a local, lo-fi place of business. In this case, the setting is Jay And Silent Bob’s Secret Stash, his self-owned comic book and memorabilia shop located in Red Bank, New Jersey.

If you’re anything like us, Comic Men might hit a bit too close to home. A bunch of geeks and weirdos chatting away about superheroes and wanting to score with chicks? Sounds like our typical Friday nights circa high school times.