Heavy Rain

by Alan Danzis

Spoiler: I Was Playing as The Serial Killer?!

Platform: PS3

One of the selling points for Heavy Rain was the idea that even if one of the four characters you played as died during the game, they would stay dead and you could still play until the end of the game. Little did you know that that didn’t actually apply to the character of PI Scott Shelby, who is later revealed to be the Origami Killer—yes, you controlled a serial killer for ¼ of the game. You thought you were looking for evidence, when it reality, you were destroying it.

Shelby – originally Scott Sheppard – lost his twin brother in an open pipe in a construction yard and drowned from storm water. His father was too drunk to help, and so Shelby arranged trials for other fathers to do what his own father couldn’t do. It’s a twist most didn’t see coming and makes it worth it to replay the game to see if it holds up. But yes, you will have to put up with screams of “JAY-SON” again if you do…