So soon after becoming an Internet meme, Republican presidential candidate hopeful Rick Perry is going to drop of the race for GOP and instead endorse candidate Newt Gingrich, according to the New York Times. Perry is set to make an official announcement at an 11 A.M. press conference in South Carolina today, but aides from his campaign say it's a pretty done deal.

Though it's probable that Perry dropped out because of really low poll numbers, we came up with a few other ideas as to why he chose to end his campaign now. 

  • He looked at the state of the nation's economy and realized that becoming president is going to be a really terrible job.
  • He got sick of losing to a guy who can't make up his mind about anything
  • He actually watched that "Strong" ad and is now too embarrassed to go outside.
  • He got drunk and is really going to regret this decision later.
  • He searched himself on Tumblr.

...on second thought, he probably just realized how low he was polling. Probably.

[via NY Times]