Paula Deen, proponent of all-butter-everything, and subject of one of Tumblr's most beloved memes, Paula Deen Riding Things, is set to reveal some shocking news: She has Type 2 diabetes.

According to The Daily, the Food Network star who came under fire from the likes of Anthony Bourdain as "the worst most dangerous person to America", will soon announce her disease and her "multimillion-dollar deal" as the spokeswoman for the diabetes drug she is taking.

If the news is true, and Paula is likely withholding the information due to expected backlash from the media, considering her disease is often the consequence of consumption of fatty foods on a regular basis. Deen's cholesterol-laden recipes, outrageously unhealthy concoctions like fried butter balls and brunch burgers composed of glazed donuts with bacon and eggs, have long garnered criticism.

Bourdain's warning that Paula should "think twice before telling an already obese nation that it’s OK to eat food that is killing us", is now rendered not only ironic, but sadly true. If the news proves correct, Paula Deen is a victim of her own habits. But on the bright side, this may urge America to look at their own lifestyles, many of which mirror Deen's, and wonder if another pat of butter is worth the health repercussions that will inevitably follow.

[via The Daily]