You heard us right. Community, the NBC comedy and object of cult-obsession, is returning to television.

Since news that NBC had benched the comedy mid-season, rumors have been swirling that we might never see Joel McHale, Donald Glover, and most tragically, the lovely Alison Brie, ever again. Fortunately, NBC chairman Robert Greenblatt has silenced the internet's collective angst.

“I wanted to dispel any notion that it’s quietly disappearing from the schedule,” Greenblatt said, and attributed Community's hiatus as the result of scheduling issues during which NBC has been shuffling comedies from slot to slot in a programming game of musical chairs.

Or, as Greenblatt puts it: "It’s a matter of looking at what happens with the six comedies we’ve got, to figure out where Community makes the most sense."  Whatever you say, NBC.

Now that the good news is out of the way, here's the not-so-silver lining: NBC has not provided a return date for Community, and worse yet, have failed to confirm that the show will receive a fourth season.

Looks like we can't exhale just yet... 

[via EW]