Used as a metric of popularity by nearly every brand and company, Facebook's Like button is one of the clearest ways for people to rep what they, well, like. A new app, aptly called Likes!, looks to harness the power of the ubiquitous Facebook feature in order to provide you with recommendations you'll actually use. 

There are plenty of apps available that seek to build recommendations based on the co-sign of your friends, but unless all of your friends are using the app, it's worthless. Likes! uses info from the one service all your friends are already using.

When you log in, the app scans your Facebook friends and categorizes their Likes into a searchable database that covers everything from airports and bars to lounges and music. From there you can see what your friends are currently feeling, Like what they like, and even recommend new things that they may be interested in.

The Likes! app is free and currently available for iOS and Android.