It's not often that you hear a powerful politician being compared to anyone involved in the rap community, but Bill Maher recently offered an incredibly sharp observation on the similarities between Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney and rappers like Jay-Z, Tupac, and Kanye West.

Maher stated that people look-up to Romney for the same reasons they look-up to rappers. It's not because of their clear vision for a better world or because of their humanitarian efforts; instead, they like them simply because they're rich. In the same way rappers flaunt their wealth, Romney often brings up his own success as a venture capitalist, and he tells people they can be as rich as him if they vote for him. And there is nothing that people enjoy more than to imagine themselves as a millionaire. 

If Maher's words don't paint a clear enough picture of the comparison, he also shows a photo of Mitt Romney and his venture capitalist cronies showing off their "hard-earned" money back-to-back with pictures of Tupac and Kanye West flashing some serious cash. It turns out that there really isn't much of a difference after all.