Shopping & Style

"When I was 11, I used to shop up on 125th Street in Harlem. I'd go with my mom most of the time. If not [her], my grandmom. My dad would give me some money and I could go by myself or with my friends. Back then, I was one of those guys that stayed on top of the new shit early. I would know, 'Oh, this is gonna be the next big thing in six months, so let me get on it now while the getting is good.'

"I'm from Harlem, the fox furs and all that, but honestly I've got my own style. I'm not gonna just brand it like 'Oh, that's Rocky's style,' but I have something of my own. There aren't too many people with a fashion sense that's keen like mine. So you know we are the trend setters, and the kids our age are dressing like how we dress. But honestly, I have a problem with just following everything that's supposed to be popular, and the thing to do. I don't like doing things just 'cause that's the thing to do, you know? Fuck that. This is that rebel life."