9. Lovely Molly

Director: Eduardo Sanchez
Stars: Gretchen Lodge, Alexandra Holden, Johnny Lewis, Ken Arnold, Daniel Ross, Lauren Lakis
Release info: To be determined (2012), through Image Entertainment

Why you should be excited: Yes, Lovely Molly is yet another first-person-shot horror movie. But here’s one case where you can’t immediately chastise the filmmakers, because Eduardo Sanchez, the film’s writer and director, helped to revolutionize the format 13 years ago. As one half of team responsible for The Blair Witch Project, Sanchez knows a thing or two about effectively framing a character’s descent into madness from the fourth-wall-breaking perspective, and reviews from last year’s festival circuit indicate that Lovely Molly is another creepy triumph.

Set inside a house instead of the woods, Sanchez’s latest follows Molly (newcomer Gretchen Lodge, who’s reportedly amazing here), a mentally disturbed woman who becomes even more insane after she moves into her recently deceased daddy’s house. With influences like Roman Polanski’s brilliant Repulsion and plot turns toward the supernatural, Lovely Molly could be scary enough to take any one-hit wonder tags off Sanchez’s résumé.