Too often in Hollywood, the comedy genre gets polluted with cheap laughs, thin characters, and recycled plots that cause most of these movies to blend together after a while. For example, while The Hangover was hailed as genius when it first came out, The Hangover 2 was nothing but a paltry clone of the original.

This is why the most successful comedies of the past decade have been put out by smaller studios, or the “art house” division of major studios. Films like Juno, Little Miss Sunshine, and Midnight in Paris have all breathed new life into big screen comedy by combining big laughs with more down-to-Earth plots and characters. This is exactly what Jason Segel and Ed Helms are looking to do in their latest film, Jeff, Who Lives at Home.

Directed by Jay and Mark Duplass (Cyrus), this movie gives the typical slacker comedy a more relatable feel by casting Helms and Segel as the leads, both of whom are infinitely more genuine than most actors out there. Even in this short trailer, the relationship between the two looks authentic as both characters are trying to find their way through the muddy waters of their own lives. And with Judy Greer and Susan Sarandon rounding out the cast, Jeff, Who Lives at Home looks quirky enough to attract an art house audience, but also broad enough to appeal to just about anyone.

We’ll see if Jeff, Who Lives at Home can bring us something unique when it is released on March 16.