14. Compliance

Director: Craig Zobel
Stars: Dreama Walker, Ann Dowd, Pat Healy, James McCaffrey, Bill Camp, Philip Ettinger
Release info: Sold at Sundance to Magnolia Pictures; no release date has been announced yet

Why you should be excited: One of the most talked-about films during the Sundance Film Festival was also its most controversial. According to various reports, screenings of Craig Zobel’s divisive Compliance inspired everything from walk-outs to vitriolic screaming at the filmmakers, cast, and Sundance’s programmers themselves.

So what’s all the fuss about? Alleged cruelty toward women, it seems. Compliance is centered around a crank call to a fast food restaurant, in which the prankster tells the venue’s manager (Ann Dowd) that one of her female employees (Dreama Walker) has stolen cash from a customer. The claim is ultimately believed by the boss, who then detains the young worker and forces her to commit a sexually disturbed act.

Based on a real-life incident that happened in Kentucky, in 2004, Compliance is said to be an incredibly discomforting experience, and not in the sense of eating one too many fast food cheeseburgers.