Terry Bogard

Game: Fatal Fury
Genre: Fighting
Year: 1991
Biters: Paul Phoenix (Tekken), Rock Howard (Fatal Fury: Mark of the Wolves), Alex (Street Fighter 3)

Complex Says: Karate fighters aren’t your thing? Fair enough. Terry Bogard felt the same way in Fatal Fury. The game gave you three choices for characters, karate fighter (Andy Bogard), Muay Thai fighter (Joe Higashi), or street fighter (Terry Bogard).Terry was much different than past Street Fighter characters in plain clothes. He had a swagger about him with his skinny jeans, red Chuck Taylor’s, matching red jacket, and Fatal Fury snapback. Terry changed his look in Fatal Fury: Mark of the Wolves to show that he has gotten older and more mature. He left his signature red snapback at home and threw on a bomber that we wish existed.