2.The Crazy Texas Mom Meets the Wal-Mart Beer Thieves

Where: Houston, Texas
When: July 2011

Stealing beer is a rite of passage for suburban teenagers. But in the mind of the roof-stomping Texas woman pictured above, beer thievery is not something to be taken lightly.

The appropriately-named Monique Lawless was shopping in Wal-Mart when she saw three men take off with several cases of beer without paying. Rather than look the other way or alert security, Lawless took the law into her own hands, chasing after the beer-bandits before jumping on the hood of their car and throwing open the driver's-side door in attempt to thwart the criminals. 

The crime—stealing beer from Wal-Mart—is unimpressive in and of itself, but the method of their apprehension, especially considering that the 42-year-old mother weighed a mere 125 pounds, is absolutely insane. Risking your life for three cases of stolen beer? That shit cray.