Harold & Kumar exposed the underground stoner heaven that is White Castle, and now the chain is considering upping the ante by selling alcohol. After the urging of customers, one location in Lafayette, Indiana is selling wine for $4.50 and seasonal or domestic beers for $3.

The restaurant doubles as a Blaze Modern BBQ, and some patrons thought that liquor would be the perfect addition. They're obviously firm believers in the "customer is always right" motto.

This appears to be a trend, as other fast-food restaurants have experimented with selling liquor. Starbucks has started serving beer at some locations on a trial basis, and a Burger King in Miami opened the Whopper Bar South Beach (seen above) earlier this year. Typical.

As you'd expect, customers were delighted that the White Castle in Lafayette was peddling liquor, but the fact that so many fast food employees are under 21 is preventing them from going big with this plan. Can you imagine the backlash from the first underage drinking case at White Castle? We'd write about it.

[via Seattle Times]

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