22. Logitech Revue & Google TV

Date: 2011

Some say Google TV was “too much, too soon”. We all remember the Google-powered Logitech Revue being pushed as the future of television when it launched late last year. However, the service was never very popular amongst consumers. For starters, many found the set up to be too difficult and glitchy. There was a scarcity of premium content, plus the $300 price tag was steep. And even after Logitech dropped it to $250, then $100, all interest was completely lost. Even CEO Guerrino De Luca saw the Revue as "a mistake of implementation of a gigantic nature." Logitech wasn’t the only tech company struggling to push Google TV devices, as Sony also slashed prices in order to promote sales. Logitech announced in November that it would discontinue all Google TV devices after reportedly losing $100 million in profits.