Reading our 25 Best Gadgets of 2011 list, you would think the past year was a great one for the tech world. And, besides losing one of its great innovators in Steve Jobs, it was. It did, however, see more than its fair share of fails. While companies such as Apple dominated the consumer market and became the biggest tech company in the world, and Google stood atop of the search engine echelon and surpassed the smartphone competition to become the biggest mobile platform in the US, and social media proved once again why its the most prominent and desired apparatus for communication and media. The tech world, those companies included, dealth with still, a number of calamities. The same applies to some of the industry's other heavyweights.

We saw one PC giant near the verge of implosion, a popular handset maker near its death bed, and one of the biggest mergers of all time fall apart. An array of popular consumer tech products underperformed and were killed off, plus our favorite online streaming service learned a valuable lesson about public relations. Oh, and we can't forget the infamous electronics giant that endured one of the worst hack jobs of all time. Simply put2011 wasn't as sweet as you may think. Revisit the year's biggest bliunders and read our breakdown on The 25 Worst Tech Fails of 2011.