2. Gargoyles (1994-1996, Syndicated; 1996-1997, ABC)

One of the most well-written action cartoons to ever air on Saturday mornings, Gargoyles managed to take an original property and make it rival the brilliance of the established veteran of animation, Batman: The Animated Series. Touting dark storylines and more drama than a Greek Mythology class, Gargoyles was a great example of simple storytelling done to perfection.

Based on horrific creatures that turn into stone Gargoyles during the day, the show employed long-running story arcs and tons of action in each season. There was a level of sophistication here that is usually absent in most cartoons. And this hit the air during a time when comic book companies were struggling to introduce new properties to the masses, but Gargoyles did it seamlessly in a way that would make Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, and other creators proud.