7. American Dad (2005-Present, Fox)

Despite still being on the air, American Dad always has to take a back seat to Seth McFarlane's other, higher rated shows, Family Guy and, inexplicably, The Cleveland Show. New American Dad episodes air erratically, and it’s always a painful wait to see whether or not the show will even be picked up for a new season. Still, it's Fox's most genuinely funny animated show at the moment. That’s right, American Dad even edges out the recent episodes of The Simpsons.

Focusing more on telling actual stories, rather than random cutaways like most animated shows (see: Family Guy), American Dad is home to a great cast of characters and biting satire. And while a lot of times it gets ignored or disrespected, any show that features an androgynous, cross-dressing alien that sounds like Paul Lynde is a clear winner in our eyes.