24. Hospoda

Neighborhood: Upper East Side, Manhattan
Address: 321 East 73rd St.
Website: hospodanyc.com

One of the best parts about eating in New York is that you can just sit on your fat ass and wait for great food from around the world to come to you. Take this new restaurant inside the Bohemian National Hall (the city's Czech consulate and cultural center), which is a spin-off of La Degustacion, one of Prague's best-known restaurants. Here, you can get a taste of how fine dining has evolved in the Czech capital. The walls are covered in work from Czech graffiti artist Masker, the bar features the country's most sophisticated system for serving Pilsner Urquell, and the kitchen turns out classic Bohemian dishes with impressive haute upgrades. Try smoked beef tongues stacked with pickled onions and gold-pea puree, flatiron steak dressed with frothed dill cream, and dessert dumplings filled with seasonal fruit.—CS