Not only has Hollywood unleashed a countless amount of remakes of classic movies over the past decade, but now they're actually resorting to remaking the bad ones as well. And that trend continues because Vulture is reporting that power producer Neal Moritz is planning a remake/reboot of Paul Verhoeven's maligned sci-fi farce, Starship Troopers

Based off of Robert Heinlein's masterful novel, Verhoeven's 1997 adaptation was more of a satire than a cinematic version of the book. Moritz is moving fast on this project and has apparently already signed Ashley Edward Miller and Zack Stentz, who previously wrote Thor and X-Men: First Class, to pen the script. 

It isn't known whether or not the remake will follow the ironic tone of the previous film, or resemble Heinlein's fascist look at the armed forces and capital punishment from the novel. However, if we were to take a guess, we would assume that there will be plenty of giant bugs to eviscerate. 

[via Vulture