Watch out Wii U, it looks like the you're not going to be the only console sporting a touch-based controller.

Capcom revealed today that Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 fans with a PS Vita and a Playstation 3 will be able to use the Vita as the "ultimate controller" for the PS3 version of game. Though Capcom wasn't any more specific about what they meant, the most likely scenario is that players will be able to use the Vita control scheme, which features a fusion of traditional and touch controls, for the PS3 version.

Using the Vita, with its touch-screen and rear touch pad could be just as interesting as controller as it is a console. Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 allows Vita players to forgo buttons entirely, using the touch-pad to automatically make basic combos, or to play traditionally with the ability to perform certain functions like activating their X-factor by touching the screen.

If the idea catches on, the Vita could not only be Sony's latest console, but also their most expensive PS3 accessory yet. With all kinds of gamers acclimating to touch-based control schemes through the iPhone, as a controller, the PS Vita could potentially to bridge the gap between casual and core gamers... If they shell out for a PS3 and a Vita.

This isn't the first application utilizing the Vita's ability to compliment and interact with the PS3 and other Sony products, like Hideo Kojima's "transfarring" technology, which allows players to literally take their PS3 games to go on the Vita by transfering (Don't ask) their save data via the cloud.

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 will be available on the PS Vita's during the platform's early launch program in the US on February 15th, as well as its primary launch on February 22nd.

[Via Joystiq]