Andre Curry has become the media's whipping boy of late after posting a photo of his toddler bound with duct tape on Facebook in jest. At the moment, he's in prison on $100,000 bond, and a judge has already prohibited him from having contact with his 22-month-old daughter and anyone else under the age of 18. Now it's possible that Curry's time behind bars could be extended.

While there's no question that his actions were in poor taste, this situation is being blown out of proportion. Just a little bit. This dude saw his little girl playing with the tape and thought it'd be funny to post the photo (seen above) with the message "This is wut happens wen my baby hits me back. ;)" It wasn't funny at all, but this guy doesn't need to do time over this. We all know people who have done far worse.

At most, prosecutors could charge him with misdemeanor battery if they can't prove that the little girl was hurt during the photo shoot, and Curry has no prior criminal background  whatsoever. A family member has said that he "feels awful," which he should, but he shouldn't go to jail over this.

[via Chicagoist]

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