Speaking of Gothika, it was a pity to see the resumes of not one, but two of our favorite leading ladies (the other being Penélope Cruz) take a hit in this notably un-thrilling thriller. When we're first introduced to Berry, she's working as a psychiatrist in a mental hospital. Her life is soon turned upside down however after she comes into contact with a straight-up sadistic ghost (albeit one with a purpose...sorta) and wakes up in her same place of business, not as a doctor, but a patient suspected of murdering her husband. Little by little, her memory begins to return and she's able to piece together exactly who the (nudge) surprise culprit was.

Between the gratuitous shrieking, endless nonsensical twists and ridiculous interactions with that ghastly blonde stalker, even the recent Oscar winner couldn't rise above the mess of a movie that was Gothika.