10. Cut Back On The "Dark Passenger" Talk

So what if we sound petty with this complaint—enough is enough. We shrugged when first heard the phrase "dark passenger," referring to Dexter's deceased father (James Remar), back in Season Two. We winced after it worked its way into the regular dialogue rotation. Nowadays, though. we die a little every time its mentioned.

It's always been a stupid phrase, and this season it got even worse when the writers tried to double up its meaning. How is it that Dexter thinks killing Gellar (James Edward Olmos) will remove Travis's (Colin Hanks) "passenger"? That doesn't track with the way he's referred to his own over the years. While we're complaining about bad pseudonyms, let us all praise Brother Sam (Mos Def) that we never have to hear the acronym DDK (or Doomsday Killer) ever again.