Garcia F*cking Hotspur

Game: Shadows of the Damned

Swag Quote:  My name is Garcia F*cking Hotspur, hunter of demons and slayer of pandejos like you!

It takes a man with a lot of swag to brave the depths of hell for the woman hell. Dante’s Inferno showed us one man’s journey, but Shadows of the Damned showed us the same journey handled by a total boss. 

With his slick leather jacket – complete with Joy Division lyrics inscribed on the sleeve – Garcia takes down anything in his way with his massive talking Boner. Oh, that’s not gross… That’s the name of his gun; a sarcastic skeleton weapon that grows and extends as it gets more powerful. It may be a little phallic, but Hotspur can pull it off with incredible style because he’s just that kind of guy.