Looks like Carmen Sandiego has got some competition. Just days after Walden Entertainment announced plans to bring Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego? to the big screen with Jennifer Lopez as its star, MGM has countered with a resurrection of its own—a live action movie of Where's Waldo?

Carmen and Waldo have much in common, considering they are both nostalgic characters with a penchant for speed traveling from continent to continent solo, and not telling anyone where they've gone. Didn't you see 127 Hours, you guys? Not alerting family and friends of your whereabouts is always a big mistake. But, we digress.

According to Eric Ellenbogen, the co-Ceo of Classic Media, the company that holds the rights to Where's Waldo?, Carmen is no competition for the man with the striped shirt:"Waldo is the most searched-for character in the world".

And while we're given zero insight into what the plot or cast will look like, we foresee lots of dramatic run-ins with seas of Speedo-clad foreigners, an interactive postcard marketing scheme, and Jim Carrey as Waldo. Just predictions people, but you feel our vision?

[via THR]