For those under the age of 23, Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego? was once a line of educational software for kids that would entertain and simultaneously teach geography, history, and other subjects. However, Jennifer Lopez and her Nuyorican Production company want to turn the brand into a movie, which may serve to lower IQs.

The 42-year-old American Idol judge is producing and possibly starring in a live action film remake of the iconic franchise, Deadline reports. The real question is: Will Rockapella be involved in the project? According to the site, Lopez will play the ACME agency's greatest-detective-turned-greatest-thief. The goal is to make the film kind of like National Treasure meets The Thomas Crown Affair.

Thankfully enough, JLo is still looking awesome after all these years! We could've been cursed to have to watch the Carmen Sandiego movie with Sandra Bullock! Anyway, this will probably happen in some form in the next decade. We'll keep you posted as more news develops.

[via Moviefone]