Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney is hearing groans a-plenty from unemployed Americans after he made an ill-advised joke about joblessness while on the campaign trail. At a coffee shop in Tampa, Fla., the presidential hopeful listened to a group of out-of-work natives tell their heartbreaking stories, and thinking that laughter is the best medicine, Romney told a humorous story of his own.

"I should tell my story," he said, warming up the crowd. "I'm also unemployed." Cue a Kanye shrug. "I wish I had a job for everybody," Mr. Romney said at the end of his discussion. He added, "I may be unemployed for longer than I'd like."

Do we really need the unemployment crisis trivialized like this? This is the sort of avoidable rhetorical drivel that continues to make the distance chasm between office-seekers and average Americans so vast. Maybe Romney would be able to have a job for everybody if he put his money where his mouth is. The Republican candidate, whose net worth is listed at $200 million, "may be unemployed" for an unspecific amount of time, but what will become of him if he remains that way for 99 weeks?

Will he be OK sitting on those measly stacks? Dick.

[via NY Times]

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