10. Biker’s Stomach Gets Ripped Open in Dawn Of The Dead (1978)

Head of Special Makeup Effects: Tom Savini

At the end of last Sunday’s Walking Dead episode, the walkers snacked on Otis (Pruitt Taylor Vince) with a gory, viscera-exposing panache that’s not typically seen on television. Unsurprisingly, inexperienced zombie viewers were aghast, yet we’re here to pay homage to the granddaddy of such living dead carnage, George A. Romero’s Dawn Of The Dead. We’re certain that anyone involved in The Walking Dead, especially Robert Kirkman, would gladly cite Dawn’s grossness as the Otis scene’s primary inspiration.

Direct all props toward Tom Savini. The mastermind behind Dawn’s nauseating visuals, Savini (who also co-starred as the lead biker) really took his gloves off during the film’s third act, in which a renegade biker gang infiltrates the protagonists’ mall fortress. When the invaders finally vacate the premises, a few unlucky ones get left behind and serve as zombie dinner.

One dumbass gets his arm chewed off while he’s idiotically taking his blood pressure from a sit-down monitor. The sickest kill, though, comes when a pack of dead-heads open up one biker’s stomach and shovel his gooey intestines out as he screams. You’ll never look at a plate full of spaghetti with marinara sauce the same way again.