On Sunday, First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden went to Homestead Miami speedway to serve as ceremonial grand marshals of the Ford 400, where some decided to express their displeasure. Now, right wing pundit, Rush Limbaugh expounds some wisdom for the American people to digest. On his radio show yesterday, Limbaugh derided anyone who had anything to say about those who booed "Moochelle" and the Second Lady—and even accused Mrs. Obama of "uppity-ism."

It is interesting to note how words are flying around just as easy as pepper spray these days. That word is loaded with a sentiment that has been making itself known more and more on the airwaves. "Mr. and Mrs. Messiah" appear to be too unappreciative about their status in America, so Rush decided to explain a whole host of reasons why the First Lady would be booed. He says:

“What is so hard to understand about Ms. Obama being booed? What do you in the media no understand about a 42% approval rating? What do you not understand about the fact that they are not Mr. and Mrs. Messiah anymore? NASCAR people, the rest of us, we do not like being told ‘steak and arugula.’ We do not like being told that we can only eat what’s in her garden. She comes off as the type of person that doesn’t care for the people who are paying for her outlandish lifestyle.”

With this war of words becoming the backdrop of the upcoming 2012 presidential elections, we're looking at a pretty fiery debate being started on the left and the right. Who will speak for the disgruntled masses?

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[via ABC News]