The last thing the consumer electronics industry needs is another headphones company. Alas, a new brand has popped up offering stylish head and ear pieces for discerning enthusiasts. It's called SOL Republic. Why should you care? It was started by Kevin Lee, son of the founder of Monster Cable Noel Lee. He was also a senior executive at Monster Cable and was a key factor in the success of the Beats by Dre line. SOL (Soundtrack of Life) Republic recently launched four headphones: AMPs and AMPS HD in-ear headphons, and Tracks and Tracks HD on-ear headphones. We had our Market Editor, Matthew Henson, who's on the hunt for a good pair of in-ears, test out the $100 AMPS HD model. Here's what he had to say... 

The Sol Republic AMPS are by far one of the most superior sets of ear buds on the market. The bass and and power are completely balanced so the clarity is almost like you are at a private listening session. Also, since they are also made to work with your smartphones, iPod, iPad, and iPhone, you can quickly change from listening to music to having a phone conversation. The mic and volume control helped to drown out the sound of the outside world, and have a clear and echo-free conversation.

My only gripe with the AMPS would be their fit. While commuting to and from work, and to various appointments throughout the day, I had to constantly adjust the AMPS in my ear. No matter which earpiece I swapped in, I could not find one that allowed the AMPS to perfectly fit my ear canal. 

The SOL Republic AMPS are available now from Best Buy, $100.