Name: Kobe Bryant

Team: Lakers

Current Rating: 94

Complex Rating: 90

True confession. Kobe Bryant is my favorite player in the NBA. And that’s why the truth is so hard to face. He’s not nearly as good as that 94 rating, which makes him a more devastating weapon than Kevin Durant (92). 2K12 finally dropped Kobe’s dunk rating to a 74, but somehow, despite the fact that Bryant is a walking commercial for living with arthritis, he draws a 99 durability rating.

More and more, his game is defined by jump shots and glares at refs, yet he’s still viewed as a phenomenal slasher. Sure, the lockout is giving him time to test his knee, and maybe 2K12 thinks that will lead to a bigger, badder Mamba this season. But right now, it needs to drop, oh, 3 or 4 points.