Mike Mixon is clearly excited about the car he's built, a thoroughly upgraded 2009 Nisan 370Z that's been chosen as "Best Asian Import." Mike is an easy-going guy from Georgia and despite the gulf of knowledge and expertise between us, his passion is infectious and accessible. 

The immaculate white car is punctuated by carbon fiber and if it turns the heads of passerbys while sitting there, it nearly snaps their necks when he turns it on. The engine is loud, to give you a wild understatement. Mike says he and his team "basically put together a 990hp car, though we're looking to get more out of it", which explains the car alarms it sets off when he revs the engine.

For Mike, getting this far is affirmation of all his hard work. "I basically entered the car into the contest on a whim. Being a finalist makes me feel like I'm on the right path."