New Yorkers have a unique relationship with coffee. In short, they take it more seriously than others; it drives this city as much as ambition does.

And even that might be an understatement. Our coffee is a morning routine we cling to, a steaming cup of solace, our handwarmer, a beloved ritual. And as such, many pivotal moments take place in coffee shops. During a conversation with a stranger, was that the jolt of chemistry or caffeine? Is that uneasy feeling in your stomach due to a potent sip of espresso, or is a breakup brewing?

The signs, just like the coffee shops themselves, can be hard to locate. So we set out to decipher them for you, sipping americanos, scoping baristas, and making conversation with customers, all to find the coffee shop you need for every occasion. Complex presents your comprehensive guide to caffeine: From Hookups to Breakups: A NYC Coffee Shop For Every Occasion.