Here's something to smile about. Lady Gaga may be the "Queen of Pop", but she's got nothing on your back-in-the-day boy Charlie Brown.

Charlie Brown and the gang proved nostalgia reigns this holiday, when they beat out Gaga in the ratings race. The pop diva's A Very Gaga Thanksgiving pulled in 5.4 million viewers, while our go-to Thanksgiving special, Charlie Brown Thanksgiving roped in 5.8 million loyal fans.

But the biggest surprise of all? CBS's Big Bang Theory managed to finagle more fanfare than Gaga and Snoopy put together, with a whopping 11.2 million tuning in to catch the nerdtastic comedy.

We have no theories on why this upset occurred, but apparently pessimistic dogs are more appealing than oversexed pop stars, but not more enticing than nerds who use mathematic formulas as pick up lines. Oh America, how you perplex us.

[via EW]