Lesson learned: Don't be a lazy asshole.

Kathy and Gary had quite a few issues in their marriage, which can be attribibuted to the fact that they appeared on the series Hoarders. See, Gary liked bunnies, so much so that he got a lot of them as pets. No big deal, people get pet rabbits all the time, right? Those people also have hutches for the rabbits to make sure that they have their own safe living in environment; Gary, however, did not. He let the rabbits use his and Kathy’s home (which they were only renting) as their own personal hutch, allowing the rabbits to chew through the drywall and sleep within the walls.

You’d think that Kathy might be a little fed up with Gary’s carelessness and say she’s dunzo, but in addition to being a lazy fuck, Gary was also controlling as hell, with a temper that even scared the therapists and cleaners on the show. Kathy—who is on disability, might we add—often found herself making excuses for Gary’s childish behavior, even when he'd complain that if people thought his home was bad, he’d “like to see how the rest of you live.” Bro, our kitchen isn’t covered in two inches of rabbit feces!