Despite being absolutely hilarious, Animaniacs has regrettably been forgotten over the course of the last decade. Starring the off-the-wall siblings Wakko, Yakko, and Dot, the FOX (and then The WB) toon combined typical cartoon humor with sharp references to politics, popular culture, and the Golden Age of Hollywood. It was a dream show for any kid who wanted a little bit more from their Saturday morning fare.

Also, aside from being down-right funny, Animaniacs was also incredibly intelligent. To this day, we’re almost certain that an entire generation of young kids learned the proper state capitols and the names of presidents from this show.

With our public schools failing us at an alarming rate, and current cartoons designed to do nothing more than sell cheap toys, a high-profile Animaniacs movie might go a long way towards actually entertaining our youth, as opposed to seeing them as gigantic dollar signs.